The following page contains information on how we will be operating upon re-opening the gym following the COVID-19 pandemic.

Please find all additional documentation and forms at the end of this page.

Tom & I welcome ye all back and we wish to thank ye for hanging in there.

Please read this information carefully to ensure things go as smoothly and safely once we return back on the 29th June. Some things are the same and some things are a bit different but it’s still going to be the best hour of your day!

To comply with regulations and Government Guidelines and for the health and safety of our staff and all our gym members, we suggest you familiarise yourself with our new guidelines during COVID-19 as well as the guidelines we were adhering to just prior to closing.

  • Firstly we need to get the equipment back so we can start classes. Can everybody please bring back all equipment borrowed on Thursday 25th June between 10:00 am – 4:00 pm.
  • We will be emailing out to you a Member’s return to CrossFit R560 Form (COVID 19), it asks a few questions regarding if you have any symptoms or have been near anybody with COVID 19, etc, this form has to be returned to us via email to at least 1 day prior but no more than 3 days before your start date back. N.B. We cannot accept paper forms on the day (to eliminate touchpoints), or you as a member, if this is not completed, this is for the safety of others.
  • If you feel any bit sick or a little off, shortness of breath, coughing, etc – STAY AT HOME.
  • Our timetable has changed for the moment, please note new class times below.
  • All classes HAVE to be booked through Legit Fit; go to the timetable, click on the class you want to book into and book in, this has to be done 1 day prior. If the class has 10 booked it puts you on a waiting list so it’s important if somebody cannot make it you cancel through Legit Fit, go to class on timetable and cancel there as it’s instant and the next person gets a notification telling them they are booked in. Telling us is not an option, you will be told cancel through Legit Fit.  Max 1 class per person per day.
  • We have to be strict with class size, we are allowing 10 people MAX per time. If you can be flexible at all please try to come to a morning/afternoon class as the evening classes (were our busiest times) may be full and people who cannot come any other time will miss out.
  • We will be doing a walkthrough video explaining entry/exit, sanitiser areas, 2 m distance, signage, floor area markings, designated bins for tissues, cleaning wipes/towels, etc so ye will know what to expect on arrival, don’t worry we will be there to help anyway (this just makes it more smooth) We will be emailing an information pack but will put up on the FB members page also.
  • N.B: You will need to bring with you to class: your own water bottle filled or 2 if needed, our kitchen is out of bounds to reduce touchpoints and we cannot supply cups, etc so this is vital.
    We also ask you to bring 2 clean towels: 1 for under you during your workout and 1 for drying your hands after washing (a face cloth is ideal). Again guys ye will not be allowed into class if these are not with ye.
  • Prior to leaving your work/home please wash your hands thoroughly for 20 seconds with warm water and soap. If this is not possible wash hands in the bathroom sink. (OUR KITCHEN IS OUT OF BOUNDS).
  • Leave as many personal items in your car, only bring in what you need.
  • On arrival please sanitise your hands.
  • Be mindful to touch as little as possible and use as little equipment as possible during the class.
  • Because you are booked through Legit Fit, there is no sign-in sheet. We will, however, be keeping a contact tracing log daily and we recommend each member does the same. 
  • The floor area will be marked so people can maintain 2m distance going from A – B while explaining the whiteboard and during the workouts.
  • We recommend you come in a few minutes prior to class start, it eliminates a build-up of people if another class has not finished/left.
  • After class, again, we appreciate you wanting to talk with other members as we have been closed 15 weeks, this is why we love our community, but due to capacity constraints, you staying too long prevents someone else from entering.  Please be mindful of the needs of all. Get the chats in quick keep 2m distance.
  • The class times are set, if you are late you have to finish with the rest of the class so ye are gone before next class starts and cleaning of all equipment has been carried out. 
  • Tom will clean the equipment after each class.
  • ALL personal items will have to be carried home after each class.
  • If you have any queries or see something that needs to be brought to our attention please talk to us.
  • Temporary Timetable from 29th June – 19th July.
CrossFit R560 Tralee COVID-19 Temporary Class timetable.