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CrossFit Games Open Workout 18.2

It’s not your right. Open Workout 18.2

I’m not the strongest guy in the gym, not by a long shot. But I’m definitely stronger than I am fit. So, the full announcement of Open Workout 18.2 followed by 18.2a was exciting. The thought of a heavy barbell and the chance to do something I quite enjoy in the Open was looking good. No gymnastics and no double unders either!

Then came the punch line; a very different format. No longer do we have the right to touch the heavy barbell, we have to earn it. The final part of the announcement felt like a bit of a kick in the teeth. 18.2 was effectively the ‘buy-in’ for 18.2a, all within a 12-minute time cap. This changes things. Heavy lifters have to work hard to get to the bar. Fitter athletes get to smoke their peers on 18.2. A very different format to that which we experienced in 15.1.

When the final piece was announced I felt hard done by. Not because I hated the thought of 18.2, but because I hated the thought of not having a chance at 18.2a. Still though, despite snow stopping play for me on Friday; I got in on Monday, a little under the weather and gave it a shot.

The aim was for sub 10 minutes on 18.2 and at least a couple of cleans, aiming for 100kg. It didn’t go to plan!


Open Workout 18.2 is in two parts with a 12 minute time cap for the whole thing.

Workout 18.2

1-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10 reps for time of:

  • Dumbbell squats (2 22.5kg dumbells)
  • Bar-facing burpees

Workout 18.2a

One-rep-max clean

Complete 18.2 for time, and in the remaining portion of the 12-minute time cap, find your one-rep-max clean. You’re not limited on the number of attempts, and people can help change plates.

Pain Caves, Mind Games, and Goals

The pain cave is not a happy place for me, and something I have been trying to work on. Clearly not enough though. Head down, switch off, keep moving; the only way to get through 18.2 fast. Lads (and lasses) in the gym got some incredible times, most sub 9 minutes, some sub 7 minutes. Amazing to watch. Unfortunately, I let the pain of the dumbells, their awkwardness, and my dislike of squatting with them get to me. I slowed down and didn’t get to the barbell. I didn’t earn it.


At the end of the workout I was a little gutted, but it’s part of the game. Goals for next year include improving my head game and learning how to cope better in dark places. Learn to feel the burn and power through it.
To compliment that I also need to improve my general conditioning. Get better at the things I’m not good at and don’t like that much. Attempt to turn some of my weaknesses into strengths.

My Score

I completed 18.2 in 11.48 and had 1 attempt at a 90kg clean in the 12 seconds of the time cap remaining.

Other Members Scores


CrossFit R560 Tralee Open Workout 18.2 scores Ladies


CrossFit R560 Open Workout 18.2 Lads Scores Table

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Mike Warkentin shares similar thoughts and feelings with his account of 18.2: Earn the Bar. I didn’t read this until after I’d written mine, so no plagiarism, just a very similar viewpoint!