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CrossFit Games Open Workout 18.1

Open Workout 18.1

Well, Open Workout 18.1 is done and dusted now. All or nothing just doesn’t cut it in a workout like that! You gotta pace. Too fast and you burn out, too slow and it’s tough to make up time for a decent score.
I said at the start I was going to only suffer each workout once, but I did this one twice. Friday and Monday evenings. Lots of CrossFit R560 Tralee members repeated this one, as many of us went out a little hard in the first couple of rounds, which is not a good idea for a long workout like this. Start steady and pick up the pace.

For me, I was aiming for 10 rounds, which equates to 1 round every 2 minutes. This went well in the beginning and slowed towards the end. I was gassed and my transitions were slow.


Open Workout 18.1 was a long 20-minute AMRAP of:

  1. 8 Toes-to-bar
  2. 10 Dumbell hang clean and jerk (5 on each arm)
  3. 14 Cal. Row

Scores were submitted as the total number of reps.

Lessons Learned

Transitions and pacing. These were the key takeaways for me and something I’m not very good at.


In attempt two I made the effort to move from one thing to the next, not rushing but not stopping. All went well for about 5 rounds and died a little after that. But the intent was there! I broke up the T2B but moved straight from the rower into a set of 5. Drop from the bar, a couple of steps forward turn round, set of 3. Drop off the bar and pick up the dumbbell straight away (more on that in a second).


Just. Keep. Moving.
You got this… I didn’t have it. Well, I did, but I lost it again.
No point aiming for 1:40 rounds when it’s not there. No point aiming for 2:00 rounds and hitting the first couple in 1:35-1:40.

Good arm first!

A counter-intuitive hint from @TeamRichey (Craig) which worked well for me. Off the pull-up bar, straight into the DB C&J but hit the first set of 5 with your good arm. This gave the weaker side a bit of time to recover after the T2B. Felt odd at first but I realised how good it felt when I accidentally threw in a set of left arm first halfway through.
Defo a tip to remember.

My Score

Attempt 1, Fri 23rd Feb 2018, 254 reps, 7 rounds + 8 T2B + 10 DB H-C&J + 12 cal.
Attempt 2, Mon 26th Feb 2018, 278 reps, 8 rounds + 8 T2B + 10 DB H-C&J + 4 cal.
Happy with the improvement and happy with knowing where I can improve. I’m an all or nothing kinda person

Other Members Scores


Table showing ladies scores for CrossFit Open Workout 18.1


Table showing Mens scores for CrossFit Open Workout 18.1

Well done to everyone! Looking forward to 18.2 on Friday, providing we can get there because of the snow!